Jang Young-nam (born November 25, 1973) is a South Korean actress. She began her career as an acclaimed actress in theater, then transitioned to supporting roles on television and film, notably in works by director Jang Jin.

In 2013, Jang played her first onscreen leading role in the crime drama Azooma.

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The Crowned ClownQueen Dowager2019
The Smile Has Left Your EyesTak So Jung2018
My Sassy Girl SBSCameo2017
The King LovesQueen Jangmok2017
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. . .2016
Flower of the QueenChoi Hye Jin2015
Glamorous TemptationKang Il Ran2015
Ho Goo’s Lovelady with baby2015
I’ve Got My Eye On YouNam Kyung Hee2015
Miss Mamma MiaLee Mi Ryun2015
Persevere, Goo Hae RaKang Soon2015
Snowy RoadJong Boon’s mother2015
Modern FarmerYoon Sook Kyung2014
PinocchioHa Myung’s mother2014
Goddess of MarriageKwon Eun Hee2013
Jang Ok JungCourt lady Chun2013
Level 7 Civil ServantJang Young Soon2013
I Love Lee Tae RiOh Mi Ja2012
The Birth of a FamilyMa Jin Hee2012
The King’s DoctorKang Do Joon’s wife2012
The Moon That Embraces the SunAli2012
Time Slip Dr. JinLady Jo2012


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