Kim Mi-kyung (born October 14, 1963) is a South Korean actress. She is most active as a supporting actress in television dramas.

Kim has been a member of the Yeonwoo Mudae theater company since 1985.

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Her Private LifeKo Young Sook2019
Grand PrinceJook San An2018
My Strange HeroJung Soon2018
Shall We Live TogetherJung Jin Hee2018
20th Century Boy and GirlKim Mi Kyung2017
Go Back CoupleKo Eun Sook2017
Introverted BossRo Woon’s Mother2017
Saimdang, Light’s Diary. . .2017
Person Who Gives HappinessPark Bok Ae2016
The Sound of Your HeartKwon Jung Kwon2016
Divorce Lawyer in LoveCheok Hee’s mother2015
Glamorous TemptationChoi Kyung Ja2015
Super Daddy YeolDirector Hwang2015
Yong PalHead Nurse Kang Soo Min2015
Big ManAhn Bong Rim2014
HealerJo Min Ja2014
It’s Okay, That’s LoveHae Soo’s mother2014
Make a WishLee Jung Sook2014
Plus Nine BoysGoo Bok Ja2014
Goddess of MarriageHyun Woo’s mother2013
I Hear Your VoiceDal Joong’s wife2013
Level 7 Civil ServantOh Mak Nae2013
Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of JoseonJang Geum2013
The HeirsPark Hee Nam2013
The Master’s SunKim Gwi Do2013
The Queen of OfficeKim Sook Ja2013
FaithCourt lady Choi2012
Golden TimeMin Woo’s mother2012
Missing YouSong Mi Jung2012
Ordinary LoveJae Gwang’s mother2012


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