Big Man

Also Known As: 빅맨
Genre: Melodrama Revenge Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: April 28th, 2014
to: June 17th, 2014


Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) doesn’t have parents and goes through a tough life. He then meets Dal Sook (Song Ok Sook), who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji Hyuk follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. He works hard to open up his own store within the traditional market. Suddenly, Kim Ji Hyuk becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea’s top company Hyunsung. He realizes though that there are impure intentions. Since that moment, Kim Ji Hyuk takes revenge upon the people at the Hyunsung company. He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi Ra (Lee Da Hee), who he meets at the most important time in his life.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Suk (Choi Daniel) is the one who grew up a chaebol his whole life. Kang Jin Ah (Jung So Min) is his sister.

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Kim Ji Hyuk

Kim Ji Hyuk (young)

So Mi Ra

Kang Dong Suk

Kang Dong Suk (young)

Kang Jin Ah

Hong Dal Sook

Yang Dae Sup

Goo Duk Gyu

Choi Yoo Jae

Kim Han Doo

So Hye Ra

Ahn Bong Rim

Kang Sung Wook

Choi Yoon Jung

Do Sang Ho


branch manager of Jericho

Hyeonseong Group board members

homicide detective

Park Dong Pal

news anchor
Choi Da In

So Mi Ra (young)
Jang Hang Sun

Jo Hwa Soo
Kim Dae Ryung

Jo Bum Shik
Lee Hae Woo

Moon Myung Ho
Na Seung Ho

Assistant Manager Lee
Choi Jung Hwa

Kim Min Sang

Lee Sung Min

high-ranking government official
Jung Myung Joon

Kim Min Jae

Prosecutor Yong
Jung Dong Kyu



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