Dok Ruk Rim Tang

Also Known As: ดอกรักริมทาง
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 29
Broadcast Network: Thai TV5
Broadcast Period: May 10th, 2010
to: June 24th, 2010


Dok Rak Rim Tang is a story about a young woman named Anuth whose father suddenly died.  Upon his dead, Anuth returned home only to find that her father’s new wife, Jittree sold her father’s mansion to Pattavee and left her with Hungtu, the dog as her only inheritance.  Anuth became suspicious that something was not quite right about her father’s death and will.  She tried to find out the truth and almost got killed in the process.

Bie as Pattavee, a young photographer who constantly argued with Nuanjan (his mother) and Pavina (his older sister) about Janejira, his girlfriend.  Janejira is the sexy actress and a younger sister of Jittree.

 Nuanjan and Pavina didn’t approve of Janejira.  They believed that Janejira only wanted Pattavee for money.  As a result, they tried to match-make Pattavee with Patcha, one of their friends’ daughter.

Pattavee bought the house from Jittree.  Anuth disguised herself as a boy named Ooth… Ooth tried to go back and look for the will inside the house.  Ooth became Pattavee’s handy boy.  Anuth asked Tun (her trusted friend) to help with her disguise.

Pattavee and Ooth became very close.  Vee started to have feelings for Ooth.  Khun Vee was quite confused about his feelings towards Ooth and thought he was gay.  He went to consult with a psychologist, even talked to Hungtu, the dog about his feelings.

In the mean time, Janejira kept nagging Vee about their marriage.  Vee agreed to marry Janejira against his mother and sister’s wish.

Ooth who also developed tender feelings for Vee, was heart broken when Vee announced his up-coming nuptial with Janejira.  Ooth decided to pack up her belongings and leave the mansion.  Vee caught Ooth trying to take one of the painting from Vee’s office.  Ooth lied to Vee by telling Vee that Anuth sent her to look for the will.  Vee trusted Ooth and agreed to help him look for the will…


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