Happy Home

Also Known As: Sweet Home; Gahwamansaseong; 가화만사성 – 봉가네 비밀 / All’s Well with a Happy Home
Genre: Drama Family
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: February 27th, 2016
to: August 14th, 2016


“Happy Home” is based on the biggest Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, South Korea.

It’s tell the story about a family and their happiness and sadness. The Bong Family quarrel and fight all the time but comes dinnertime they are all happy and smiles again. This drama looks back on the true meaning of family. Bong Hae Ryung (Kim So Yun) is the eldest daughter in this family.

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Bong Hae Ryung

Yoo Hyun Ki

Bong Sam Bong

Bae Sook Nyeo

Bae Sook Nyeo (young)

Bong Sam Shik

Oh Min Jung

Bong Sam Suk

Bong Man Ho

Bong Hae Won

Bong Jin Hwa

Bong Sun Hwa

Han Mi Soon

Joo Se Ri

Lee Kang Min

Bong Hae Ryung

Lee Yeong Eun

Jang Kyung Ok

Choi Chul Soo

Seo Do Hyung

Lee Suk Ho

Kim In Suk

Ahn Cho Rong

Seo Young Woo

Kim Jin Yeong
Park Jin Woo

Sous Chef


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