The BankerPark Jin Ho2019
All Kinds of Daughters-in-LawHwang Ho Sik2017
BackflowKim Sang Jae2017
Happy HomeSeo Do Hyung2016
Ready For StartJil Poong Tae2016
Shopping King LouieCha Soo-Il2016
BloodJung Han Soo2015
Falling for InnocenceLee Jung Goo2015
High SocietyChoi Young Ho2015
Hwajung. . .2015
Remember – War of the SonKang Man Soo2015
The Return of Hwang Geum BokEun Shil Bu2015
Yong PalChae Yeong’s father2015
3 DaysMin Hyun Ki2014
A Cat! Meow. . .2014
Doctor StrangerChoi Byeong Cheol2014
Joseon GunmanHyun Am2014
Liar Game. . .2014
MisaengGeu Rae’s baduk teacher2014
Modern FarmerHospital Director Kang2014
100 Year LegacyLee Dong Kyu2013
The Master’s Sunman unwilling to sell his house2013
The Queen’s ClassroomOh Yeo Sa2013


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