I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon

Also Known As: 별도 달도 따줄게
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 129
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast Period: May 7th, 2012
to: November 2nd, 2012


“I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon” is a romantic family drama about a man who is traumatized from his younger days and the woman who loves him.

Seo Jin Woo

Han Chae Won

Han Min Hyuk

Cha Kyung Joo

Seo Man Ho

Kang Pil Soon

Park Na Rae

Han Jung Hoon

Oh Young Sun

Oh Young Taek
Hae Geum

Seo Jin Hee
Lee Joo Yun

Seo Ji Na
Kim Kyung Ae

gisaeng granny
Kim Do Yun

Oh Bang Sook


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