Keuy Ban Nok

Also Known As: Country Son In Law
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 26
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2010


Chomsopa , daughter of a Minister, Supoj  and Lady Siree, who had  just graduated from the U.S. and came back to Thailand. Lady Siree tried to find a perfect man for her daughter to marry and always telling men to come courting her. Chomsopa was tired of her mother’s plan, so she went to the ranch of Supoj in the country side to take a break from her mother. There, she met Kamnuan, a son of a small resort owner who lived next to her ranch. Chomsopa and Kamnuan secretly started liking each other since their first meet. Being bored, Chomsopa asked Kamnuan to take her to see the waterfall, however on their way back it was raining, so Kamnuan took her to take shelter at a small hut – they had been together for almost all night until the rescue team found them. Lady Siree misunderstood Chomsopa, thinking that she slept with Kamnuan; Chomsopa was angry that her mother didn’t trust her so she lied that she and Kamnuan had slept together, and that she wanted to marry him. Kamnuan was looked down by Lady Siree for being a low life country boy, so he decided to marry Chomsopa and go along with Chomsopa’s plan to give her mother a lesson…and that was how the battle between a sassy mother-in-law and a cheeky country son-in-law began…

Kamnuan Lhaopana

Chomsapa Siripaiboon

Lady Siree Siripaiboon

Supotj Siripaiboon

Poo Yai Naak

Hudsadee Owutthana

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