Kiatkamol Lata (Thai: เกียรติกมล ล่าทา) (aka. Tui Thai: ตุ้ย ) (born on May 7, 1983) is a Thai singer, actor. He first gained notice by winning Thailand’s True Visions Academy Fantasia Season 3, a famous American Idol-liked reality show in Thailand. Due to the popularity of the show, people usually called the contestants’ names followed by the term “AF”; as a result, Kiatkamol also became known as “Tui AF” (Thai: ตุ้ย AF) or “Tui AF3” (Thai: ตุ้ย AF3).

Kiatkamol Lata was born in Bangkok, Thailand to a family as an only child. He graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon with a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration (Majoring in Finance). After graduation, he worked at Thai Health Promotion Foundation, where he was part of the team to promote an “anti drink-drive” campaign – he worked there for three months, then decided to audition for Academy Fantasia Season 3.

In 2006, Kiatkamol auditioned for Academy Fantasia Season 3 and became one of the final 12 contestants to participate in the show. His run on Academy Fantasia was considered one of the most successful runs in the history of Thailand’s Academy Fantasia, as he was one of the three persons who never been at the bottom three (the others were Jeen AF1 and Good AF5) from 72 contestants of Season1-5.

Kiatkamol is also considered one of the most successful artists from reality contests in ThailandAfter his successful run on Academy Fantasia, Kiatkamol released his first single “Aok Huk Mai Wa” – a pop dance song, which was on many music charts during its release. Half a year later, Kiatkamol released his solo album, Tui : A Rock On Earth, where he went back to his favorite genre, pop rock. From this album Kiatkamol was nominated and won some artist polls and awards. Popular songs from this album included, Takieng Kub Tawan, an ending theme song for Kiatkamol’s lakorn debut “Phoo Kong Yod Rak”, and Hai Krai Ma Rak Noi, which won Popular Songs of the Year 2007 from Virgin Hitz Award 2007.

In addition to singing, Kiatkamol also had a chance to try out acting. His first TV series, Phoo Kong Yod Rak, which he paired up with Diana Chung, won the most popular TV-series from KomChadLuek Award#5.  After the success of Phoo Kong Yod Rak, Kiatkamol also participated in AF’s first musical production “Ngern Ngern Ngern”, which he garnered a good review from Bangkok Post on his singing – calling his rendition of Classical love songs with his partner in the show both arresting and transporting.

Kiatkamol’s first participation with Channel 3 was “Tueng Rai Kor Rak” which he co-starred with Paul Pattarapol and Namfon Patcharin. He signed lakorn contract with Channel 3 and started having more lakorns with the channel. In 2008, he starred opposite Ploy-Chermarn Boonyasak in “Botan Gleeb Sud Tai” and had to take some lessons of Chinese Opera for the role. In 2009, Kiatkamol was back to work with Namfon Patcharin again in Look Sao Kam Nan, a musical lakorn where he played a new deputy trying to win the heart of a tomboy daughter of the mayor.

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