Kharm See Tan Dorn

Also Known As: ข้ามสีทันดร
Genre: Drama
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: June 14th, 1999
to: July 31st, 1999


Deun-sip  is a modern woman in a middle class family. Her family consists of father, mother and younger brother, Daun. Her family is in a terrible situation because Daun is using drugs. It is the main reason for the family of Lam-tarn, Deun-sip’s boyfriend, to question their relationship. Lam-tarn’s family is well-known in high society, so his mother doesn’t want him to pick the girl who has a bad background family like Deun-sip. Yupra, Deun-sip’s closed friend, doesn’t want to see her friend being depressed, so she asks Deun-sip to take a trip to the southern part of Thailand together. In this trip, Deun-sip meets Tiang-wan  and his mother. He looks very weird to everybody and always stay away from the rest of the group. Tiang-wan is a man who used to use drugs for such a long time. Right now, he stops using them but still needs to find the confidence in his life. When Deun-sip finds out, she is very happy. She wants him to help her brother. Tiang-wan agree because he start liking her and wants to make her happy.



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