Suvanant Kongying (Thai: สุวนันท์ คงยิ่ง; RTGS: Suwa-nan Khong-ying; born July 22, 1978, in Bangkok), also known by her nickname Kob (Thai: กบ; RTGS: Kop), is a Thai actress. She was the lead actress in many Thai lakorns in the 1990s-2000s. She has appeared in several lakorns (dramas), including Dao pra sook with Sornram Teppitak, in which she played Dao, the main character. She has been voted people’s choice winner for top actress for many years. She’s considered Thailand’s most famous actress and her leading lakorn partner is Sornram Teppitak.

Suvanant was born in Sirirat Hospital, and lived with her grandmother at Chachoengsao when she was a baby. She moved to Bangkok with her family when she was three to four years old. Her father, Amnuay Kongying (d. November 2001), was a teacher, and her mother, Ubonrat Kongying, works at the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative. She also have a younger brother name Apisith Golf Kongying. Suvanant began acting from a very young age.

Her first performance in a traditional Thai folklore drama won her widespread popularity and her first major acting award, to which she has since added many. She went on to star in Dao pra sook (Morning Star), in which she played a teenager abandoned as a baby but who grows up to find that she is after all wanted by many people, including the leading male character portrayed by Sornram Theppitak.

She now married with Danuporn Poonnakan also known as Brook who had been her acting partner.

Suvanant graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the private Rangsit University, She was paid an undisclosed sum of money – believed to be millions of baht – to act as a presenter for Mistine cosmetics. Suvanant is also a professional ice skating champion.

In 2003 a Cambodian tabloid reported that Suvanant Kongying made a speech claiming that Angkor Wat belonged to Thailand, the allegation which was later found to be groundless. This prompted the 2003 Phnom Penh riots, in which the Thai embassy in Cambodia was destroyed.

Suvanant is also known for co-hosting the famous show Jun pun dao with Nattawut Skidjai.

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