Look Sao Kam Nan

Also Known As: ลูกสาวกำนัน
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 34
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: February 25th, 2009
to: April 13th, 2009


Deputy Chaiya  is transferred to work in the district called “Toong Din Dum.” He is determined to develop the area and get rid of those who take advantages of villagers. At Toong Din Dum, Tangmo , the village chief (Kamnan Danai)‘s daughter is well-known for having hot-tempered and likes to take justice in her own hands. On the way to Toong Din Dum, Chaiya meets Tangmo and she thinks he is a pervert, so she beats him up. Later it is clarified that it was just a misunderstanding, so she gets embarrassed and doesn’t like him even more. Chaiya likes Tangmo from the beginning and likes to tease her. Tangmo is also pursued by Pann, the cool man , a son of Master Huad, who is the most influential man in Toong Din Dum. Master Huad always takes advantages of villagers, and hates Chaiya for getting in his way. Despite the conflict, Tangmo helps Chaiya protect the villagers and slowly she develops feelings for him. Together, they work to help Toong Din Dum to become a better place…

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