My Healing Love

Also Known As: 내사랑 치유기 / My Love, My Cure
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 100
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: October 14th, 2018


“My Healing Love” tells the story of an unfortunate woman from an underprivileged background. who rises and eventually succeed.

Chi Woo

Park Wan Seung

Choi Jin Yoo

Jung Hyo Shil

Choi Jae Hak

Heo Song Joo

Choi Yi Yoo

Lee Sam Seuk

Im Joo Ah

Park Boo Han

Kim Yi Bok

Park Jun Seung

Yang Eun Joo

Im Joo Chul

Song Jae Young

Hong Sun Hee

Jang Mi Hyang

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