Mung Bean FlowerYi Hyun’s mother2019
Mama Fairy and the WoodcutterFairy Oh2018
My Healing LoveLee Sam Seuk2018
Chief KimUhm Keum Sim2017
My Man’s SecretMo Jin Ja2017
Revolutionary LoveBaek Joon’s mother2017
Romance Full of LifeIn Sung’s mother2017
The PackageSo So’s mother2017
Unni Is AliveGoo Sang Mi2017
While You Were Sleeping 2017Yoon Moon Sun2017
Go Ho, The Starry Night. . .2016
My Son-In-Law’s WomanJung Mi Ja2016
Page TurnerCha Shik’s mother2016
Shopping King LouieHwang Geum-Ja2016
Time of Miracle: Loss TimeHyeong Sik’s mom2016
Divorce Lawyer in LoveYoon Jung Soo2015
Hwajung. . .2015
My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol. . .2015
Come! Jang Bo RiDo Hye Ok2014
Jung Do JunHaenam daek2014
Mr. BackLee In Ja2014
Swedish LaundryKim Bom’s mother2014
King’s Daughter Soo Baek HyangGong Ok2013
The King’s DoctorBaek Suk Goo’s wife2012


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