Nang Tard 2008

Also Known As: นางทาส
Genre: Drama Historical Romance
Episodes: 19
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: March 10th, 2008
to: May 12th, 2008


 Yen was sold to Khun Ying by her father who had gambling debts, into one of the richest families of the whole province. Fortunately, Yen became Khun Ying Yam slave but to her she was more than that. When Salee, the second wife heard about Yen, she was furious because Yen is beautiful and still young. Yen then caught the attention of the landowner Praya Sihayotin, who later develop feelings for her. This made Salee very jealous and the beginning of her wrath. Praya Sihayotin at the time had three wives who could not give him a child. One day Praya Sihayotin asked Ying Yaem if he can take Yen to be his 4th wife. Ying Yaem agreed and Yen became Praya Sihayotin fourth wife.

Yen didn’t want to marry Praya Sihayotin because she only thought of herself as a slave and was scared too. After having Khun Ying Yaem and Fah talk to her, she agreed to marry Praya Sihayotin and be his fourth wife. Shortly after the marriage, Yen became pregnant with Praya Sihayotin’s first child. When Fah told Ying Yaem that Yen was pregnant, she was excited and couldn’t wait to tell Praya Sihayotin. When Salee heard that Yen was pregnant, she,was mad and tried to make Yen have a miscarriage. When Praya came home, Saleewent to talk to him and tried to convince him to sleep with her that nigh,t but little did she know that when he went into Ying Yaem’s house instead. Ying Yaem told Praya that Yen is pregnant and he was so speechless and full of excitement that he went to see Ying.

Two months later, Ying Yaem became pregnant also, which made Praya even more happy because now not only he has one child on the way, he’s having two. As time went by, Salee tried and tried over several periods of time to kill Yen’s child but with no success. Before Ying Yaem and Yen gave birth, Praya had told both of them that he is leaving for work in another city and will not be present at Yen’s birth but probably be at Ying Yaem birth. After he left, Yen and Ying Yaem went to labor at the same time but Ying Yaem was a little early. Ying Yaem gave birth to a stillborn infant son while Yen gave birth to a strong, healthy baby girl. With everyone devastated that Ying Yaem’s baby did not survive, Fah had asked Yen if she is willing to give up her baby to Ying Yam. Heart broken and sad Yen gave up her baby girl and asked to keep this secret from Praya.

The secret was well hidden only between the people who present at the births. When Praya returned home, he went straight to Yen’s house to see her and the baby. Yen tells Praya that she gave birth to a boy but he had died right after birth. With Praya sadden by the news he tells her that it is OK and there is still plenty of time to have another one. He then leaves to go to Ying Yaem to find her holding their baby girl. Praya is still happy even though Ying Yaem had a baby girl. Yen was very sad and heart broken that she could not enter Ying Yaem’s house but later on Ying Yaem told Yen that if she ever wanted to hold the baby or just to see the baby then just come to house anytime. This made Yen very happy.

As time went by, bad things started to happen to Yen. Accused of committing adultery by Boonmee, Praya was heart broken and sad that made him strip Yen status back to a slave and to never  come near Khun Ying Yaem house’s to see the child again. Over the years Yen dealt with the pain of being tortured by her husband, Boonmee, and the worst from Salee.

Ten years later, Yen’s daughter grew up unaware of her birth mother’s identity. She was a little spoiled, but very kind, and fell in love with a young man in her house, but she soon found he was in love with a slave girl, La Orn, who worked alongside Yen. This was a family problem as La Orn was about to become another wife for Praya Sihayotin. Unfortunately, La Orn love Tun and Praya Sihayotin realizes it, so he decided to marry them to make their dream come true. Praya Sihayotin ended up taking another girl to be his wife named Chan, just to take care of his wife. One night Salee had lure Nu Dang out to meet a guy who was supposedly to hurt her. Yen heard what was going to happen to Nu Dang and went after her to warn her not to go, but being a brat, she slaps Yen and runs back to the house. Not saying anything because she was still shaking, Yen was accused by Salee of trying to hurt Nu Dang. Yen was to be whip as a punishment which Praya later regrets while Salee smiles on. Nu Dang finally tells her father that Yen was not trying to hurt her she was trying to stop her from meeting some guy that Salee had set up. Furious and mad at Salee, he goes to her house and whips her until she passes out. She is then later stripped from her status and was forced to leave the property. Feeling bad, Nu Dang ask her mom to see Yen and to apologize to Yen. Yen was shocked to see Nu Dang at her place. Nu Dang apologizes to Yen and Yen tells her that it is OK and she is not mad at her at all.

Later on, Yen’s older brother Yuen, comes back with their mother to buy Yen back. When Fah saw the boy, she asked Yen’s mother who was that man and she finally told Fah that the man there was Yen older brother. After hearing this, Fah takes them to go see Praya and to tell him the truth. With what they have to tell Praya, will it set Yen free from all the pain she endured after all these years?

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