Also Known As: 유혹
Genre: Family Melodrama Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: July 14th, 2014
to: September 16th, 2014


A melodrama about a married man, Cha Suk Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo), who receives a huge sum of money from a woman, Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) to repay the huge debt he owes. Complications arise when the woman demands total submission from him, jeopardizes his relationship with his wife.

Cha Suk Hoon

Yoo Se Young

Kang Min Woo

Na Hong Joo

Yoo Dal Ho

Jung Yoon Suk

Choi Suk Ki

Myung Hwa

Jo Young Chul

Na Shi Chan

Na Hong Gyu

Park Han Soo

Han Ji Sun

Im Jung Soon

Kang Sung Ah

Kim Doo Hyun

Yoo Se Jin
Kim So Young

Yoo Se Jin
Jo Hwi Joon

Kim Ji Young

Kang Yoon Ah


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