The Sun’s SeasonsOh Tae Yang Oh / Kim Yoo Wol (young)2019
Devilish Joy. . .2018
Hide and SeekCha Eun Hyuk (young)2018
Miss Ma, NemesisChoi Woo Joon2018
Switch: Change the WorldDo Chan (young)2018
The GuestYoon Hwa Pyung (young)2018
A Korean OdysseyLee Soo Jung’s older brother2017
All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law. . .2017
BlackMoo Gang (child)2017
Deserving of the NameJae Ha (young)2017
Hospital ShipJae Gul (young)2017
Strong Woman Do Bong SoonAhn Min Hyuk (child)2017
The Best Hit. . .2017
TunnelMok Jin Woo (child)2017
VoiceSon Ah Ram2017
The K2Kim Je Ha (child)2016


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