Big IssueDirector Kim2019
It’s My LifeLee Sang Hyun2018
Bad Thief, Good ThiefKim Chan Ki2017
Girls’ Generation 1979Hye Joo’s father2017
38 Task ForceCha Myung Soo2016
Master: God of NoodlesHa Jung Tae2016
School 2015: Who Are You?Prosecutor Kang2015
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015. . .2015
Cheo Yong Season 1vice principal2014
Golden CrossKwak Dae Soo2014
Mama – Nothing to Feardetective agency worker2014
PinocchioJo Won Goo2014
Trot LoversKim Woo Gab2014
Cruel Palace – War of FlowersJung Myung Soo2013
I Hear Your VoicePark Joo Hyuk2013
The Queen’s ClassroomChoi Young Ho2013
Dummy MommyButler Kim2012
Missing YouNam Shil Chang2012
The King’s DoctorLee Hyung Ik2012
The Thousandth ManCameo2012


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