Graceful FamilyMo Seo Jin2019
Reunited WorldsSung Hae Chul (child)2017
Happy HomeSeo Young Woo2016
The Legend of the Blue SeaHeo Joon Jae (child)2016
Hwajung. . .2015
MaskMin Woo (young)2015
Bad GuysKim Young Joon2014
Bride of the CenturyKang Joo (child)2014
Mama – Nothing to FearSeo Hyun Soo2014
One Warm WordYoo Hye Joon2013
The HeirsKim Tan (child)2013
The Master’s Sunchild ghost2013
You Who Came From the StarsYoon Jae (child)2013
Can’t Live Without YouChi Do (child)2012
I Love YouSeo Tae Yang2012
Tasty Lifecoma kid2012


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