Jirayu “Kao” La-ongmanee, is a Thai actor and singer. He has starred in several Thai soap operas and films, and has done advertising and modelling work as well.

Jirayu lives with his mother Woranuch La-ongmanee in Bangkok, and attends Amatyakul School. He was discovered at the age of five when with his mother, who was accompanying a friend’s child at a model casting session. He then began acting in several television soap operas (lakorn), becoming widely noted for his role as Santi, a difficult child, in 2005′s Fa Krachang Dao. He was then invited to try for a cinematic role in King Naresuan, in which he played the role of young Boonthing. He has since acted in four other feature films and has numerous television, advertising and modelling works. And Last “Jirayu” with the music, “Wi Na Tee Diew Tao Nan”(Just a Second Only) after the song. “Toom Yhu Nai Jai(acoustic Version)”(Deep in my heart) song in the film, SuckSeed has been well received. Most visitors on to “9,950,000 Views” and music, “Just a Second Only” With “Nattasha Nauljam” heroine of the film SuckSeed is heroine of music video.

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Ku Kaen San RukWansongchai Iamsakul2011
Mae Ka Khanom WanTongyod2009
Gae Roy RukPlianfah2008
Prik Tai Gub Bai Kaoyoung Baikao2008
Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai KwaPornput2008
Kaew Tah Pee.Amaj2006
Fah Krajang Dao (2005)Santi2005
Klin Keaw Tumnuk KaoYoung Taan Chai Noppasoon2005
Pee Kee Ngow. . .2003
Mae Liang Khon Mai. . .2001
Phin Prai. . .2001


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