The BankerHan Min Koo2019
The Secret Life of My SecretaryGoo Suk Chan2019
Bad PapaPark Min Sik2018
CrossPark Doo Gil2018
All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law. . .2017
Deserving of the NameKwon Ji2017
Nothing to LoseCourt chief2017
Radiant OfficeHeo Goo Dong2017
Rebel: Thief Who Stole The Peoplesuno manseog2017
The King Loves. . .2017
Untouchable. . .2017
38 Task ForceKang Noh Seung2016
Woman with a SuitcaseChief Hwang2016
Angry MomOh Dal Bong2015
Flower of the QueenChoi Min Soo2015
Hidden IdentityMa Sang Wook2015
Masked ProsecutorPark Dong Pyo2015
Second Time Twenty Years OldCameo2015
Sweet Savage FamilyJo Dong Choon2015
Bad GuysCameo2014
Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation TeamJoon Hyuk’s father2014
Make a WishJi Sang Keun2014
My Secret HotelHwang Dong Bae2014
Reply 1994Jung Man Ho2013
Thorn FlowerKang Joo Chul2013
Who Are You? tvNMr. Wang2013
You Who Came From the StarsS&C Group staff2013
Jeon Woo ChiLee Chae Pal2012
Time Slip Dr. JinKim Byung Ok2012


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