Thana Suttikamul , better known by the nickname Oil Thana , is one of the most famous star in Thailand. Born December 10, 1976 , he grew up in a family of three children, he is the youngest in the city Rachaburi Thailand. From its 1. 80 meters, it is quickly noticed and began a career in modeling. In 1993 , he started in music with another young singer Lift which remains one of his most faithful friend. The Lift & Oil duo quickly found success and became a figure of Thai song in a few years . By 1996, Oil was offered his first film proposals. Linking movies and dramas , he gradually became one of the idols of the Thai television , especially after the success of So Snae Ha in 2003 in which he plays with the sexy Aum Patcharapa and by which he won the award for best actor, propelling the top Thai players. Although dedicated today to his acting career , he did not completely abandon the song as he continues to sing songs from his dramas.


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