Barn Poo Tawan

Also Known As: Home of the Sun Mountain
Genre: Action Drama
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: THai TV7
Release Year: 2004


Tawan is a handicapped girl who has to stay in a wheelchair because she lost the use of her legs. One day she happened to meet Sun (Oil Thana) and Dang Rachada (Pimpun Chalayonkoop) when they helped stop her wheelchair from rolling into the water at the zoo. From that moment, they have developed a close relationship. Tawan came to love Dang Rachada like a real sister, and Sun became a love that she has quietly kept to herself. Later on, Sun receives a scholarship from the police academy to study abroad, and Dang Rachada lost all contact with Tawan. 2 years past and Sun finally returns to Thailand along with his girlfriend Sang Rawee (Kae Kullayanat). Sun is busy with trying to find the murderer who killed his friend and forgets the good old days that he spent with Tawan and Dang Rachada. Tawan on the other hand has never forgotten the two friends she had. She has been very sad and keeps to herself as she dwells on the two drawings of her friends. The one of Dang Rachada has written below it ‘My Beloved Sister’ and the drawing entitled ‘Far Away’ is Sun’s. Sate Pracha (Groong Sirivilay), Sun’s dad, on the outside is a well known politician, but secretly he is also the head of the Mafia. Sun doesn’t know that the man behind his friend’s death is his own father. Sun happens to meet Dang Rachada again, a meeting which she had planned so that she can be closer to Sun. She wants Sun to stop being a police officer because she believes that he’s going to be the target for the next killing. Dang Rachada thinks that if Sun were to love somebody, he would willingly stop being a cop, but she doesn’t know that Sun won’t ever give in. Dang Rachada works as an owner of a flower shop, but her real job is an assassin in Yord Seuk’s (Noppol Komarnchoon) gang who’s also paired up with Dang Klong Thuey (Arawat Ruangwoot). The two of them have trained by Kroo Krieng (Worawoot Niyomsap) or otherwised know as Krieng Petch. Because of their training with him, the two have become the top assassins who have never missed a target, and their next mission is to kill Sate Pracha, Sun’s dad. Killing Sate Pracha wasn’t as easy as Dang Klongthuey and Dang Rachada thought, and in the end, Dang Klong Thuey got killed and Dang Rachade was seriously injured. Sate Pracha has a mistress named Mae Lieng Sangpen (Utoomporn Silapun), who is Tawan’s aunt. The person who was behind the death of Tawan’s parents was no other than Mae Lieng Sangpen. Mae Lieng had to take care of Tawan because the will said that if anything were to happen to Tawan, all the money would then go to charity. Her aunt then devised a plan to get Tawan married to Sun so that the money would change hands, and then she would kill Tawan. Sate Pracha helped her to pry Sun away from Sang Rawee so that he could be Tawan’s groom in 3 months. Sun is against marriage at first so Sate Pracha makes up a story that the girl Sun is supposed to marry is the daughter of a man that Sate Pracha owes his life to. Sun doesn’t want to but ends up thinking up a plan that if he were to stop being a police officer, he could do more undercover work as a normal person. Sun didn’t know that his bride would be Tawan, the handicapped girl he met a long time ago, and from this their pasts come back to them. Sang Rawee becomes jealous of Tawan because she doesn’t trust Sun. She somehow finds a way to go live in Baan Pou Tawan and starts picking on Tawan. Sun always comes help Tawan, and there are lots of instances when Tawan is appreciative of Sun’s help. One day Tawan overhears Sangpen and Pracha telling Sang Rawee to wait a while longer until the inheritence money changes hands and then they will kill Tawan, so that Sang Rawee will finally get back with Sun. Tawan is saddened and decides to run away from Baan Pou Tawan and to never trust Sun again. Pracha’s goonies go after Tawan but Dang Rachada comes to help her even though she’s still injured. Dang Rachada’s face then get’s scarred because the goonie slices her face. Tawan tells Dang Rachada everything that happened to her. Yord Seuk uses this opportunity to tell Dang Rachada to get plastic surgery to pretend and be Tawan so that she can live in Baan Pou Tawan and get the chance to kill Pracha. Dang Rachada asks Tawan to stay with Yord Seuk so that he can take care of her, and Tawan thinks that Yord Seuk is a good person so she minds her manners. 2 months past and ‘Tawan’ goes back to her home along with a new caretaker named Jae Krieng, who is Krieng Petch in disguise. This time around, ‘Tawan’ has changed a lot, and every morning she goes out to shoot guns with Jae Krieng. Sun compliments ‘Tawan’ on her handiwork and buys her a 9 mm gun so that she can protect herself with it. Dang Rachada still needs to go out and do her work at times with Jae Krieng’s company, and almost get’s caught. The truth finally comes out that Sun didn’t stop being a cop, so Yord Seuk gives orders to kill Sun and the person who has to do it is none other than Dang Rachada. Yord Seuk is wary of Dang Rachada’s trust so he asks his old student, Dang Ramintra (Jirapat Wongpaisarnsuk) to join the team. On the day of the wedding, Dang Rachada’s job is to kill Pracha but Sun makes her unable to do so. Dang Ramintra takes the job into her own hands, Sun tries to save his dad and gunfire breaks out between the two. In the end, Pracha, Sang Rawee, and Dang Ramintra all die. Mae Lieng Sangpen is seriously injured and Dang Rachada along with Jae Krieng have disappeared. The only thing left is a letter left on the wheelchair that tells Sun where the ‘old’ Tawan is hiding, along with a diary that Dang Rachada leaves for Tawan. Dang Rachada’s punishment is death, but what can she do to escape this fate? And will Sun be able to rescue Tawan in time? Look forward to “Barn Poo Tawan”.

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