Dung Swansab

Also Known As: ดั่งสวรรค์สาบ
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: March 4th, 2001
to: April 15th, 2001


Dawan  is the only daughter of a rich business man. She’s completely spoiled. She is a famous playgirl, who likes to go out with different men. Her hobby is trying to get attention from men, especially the one with girlfriend. Before her father die, he makes a conditional will. Dawan must marry Karn , his best friend’s son. Otherwise, she will not get any inheritance. Due to this, Dawan & Kan engage.

Two year passes by, Dawan never changes until she get into a car accident. After the accident, she lost her memory. Dawan becomes a very nice girl (completely opposite to her old self). Because of her rotten past, most people hate her. They take advantage from her.

To protect her, Karn (unwillingly) marries Dawan. After the marriage, Karn finds out that Dawan was innocent. He learns to love her. And she loves him. However, deep inside, Dawan never forgive herself for being such a bad person. She always blame herself of her rotten past.

Many people who dislike Dawan try to break them up, including Atitap, Dawan’s ex-boyfriend. One day, Atitap kidnaps Dawan while she is on her way home. Co incidently, Karn sees Atitap driving Dawan’s car and follows them. To stop the car, Karn knocks Atitap’s car off the road. Dawan ends up in the hospital.

When Dawan wakes up, she remembers everything before the first accident. But she forgets everything after that. This means she forgets everything about her marriage. And how much she loves Karn. Poor Karn tries to convince his wife that they were having a happy marriage and how much they love each other. But Dawan only want to see Atitap, the ex-boyfriend.

Will Dawan remember Karn?

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