Graceful Family

Also Known As: 우아한 가
Genre: Investigation Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Dramax & MBN
Broadcast Period: August 21st, 2019
to: October 17th, 2019


“Graceful Family” tells the story of a ‘top team’ that deals with owner’s risk, meaning damages suffered due to the actions of the business’s managing family.

Mo Seok Hee

Heo Yoon Do

Han Je Kook

Mo Chul Hee

Ha Young Seo

Mo Wan Soo

Mo Wan Joon

Baek Soo Jin

Mo Seo Jin

Mo Wang Pyo

Choi Na Ri

Jung Yoon Sook

Ahn Jae Rim

Lawyer Yoon

Heo Jang Soo

Yoon Sang Won

Kwon Joon Hyuk

Hwang Bo Joo Young

Lee Kyung Ah

Kim Boo Ki

Oh Gwang Mi

Joo Hyung Il

Joo Tae Hyung


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