The End of the World

Also Known As: 세계의 끝
Genre: Medical Mystery Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: jTBC
Broadcast Period: March 16th, 2013
to: May 5th, 2013


A medical drama about an unknown mysterious disease that spreads.

Kang Joo Hun (Yoon Je Moon) is the chief of an epidemiological investigation at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He lost his beloved to the new virus and attempts to find a critical clue through reverse tracing.

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Yoon Gyu Jin

Kim Hee Sang

Park Joo Hee

Jung Sang Sook

Park Do Kyung

Kim Dae Ik

infected patient
Yoon Je Moon

Kang Joo Hun
Jang Kyung Ah

Lee Na Hyun
Kim Chang Wan

Choi Soo Chul
Kim Yong Min

Eo Ki Young
Park In Young

Kim Soo Jin
Jun Suk Chan

Oh Jung Soo


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