20th Century Boy and GirlJang Soo2017
Voice. . .2017
Five Childrenno-character2016
Neighborhood Hero. . .2016
The Flower in PrisonCameo2016
The K2Cameo2016
Assembly. . .2015
Divorce Lawyer in Lovejudge2015
Eve’s Love. . .2015
High Society. . .2015
Hwajung. . .2015
Hyde, Jekyll and ICameo2015
Make a Woman Cry. . .2015
Oh My Venus. . .2015
Remember – War of the SonChairman Ha2015
Scholar Who Walks the Night. . .2015
Yong Pal. . .2015
Angel EyesCameo2014
Apgujeong Midnight SunDo Byeong Man2014
Greatest Marriage. . .2014
Liar GameHyun Jung Bum2014
Make a Wish. . .2014
Punch 2014Lee Won Seok2014
The Legendary Witchsweet factory manager2014
The Great Seervice for Dynasty Ming2012
The King’s DoctorJoseon’s officer2012
The Moon That Embraces the SunHye Gak2012
The Wedding SchemeDirector Park2012


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