Arthdal ChroniclesEun Som (young)2019
Secret MotherHan Min Joon2018
CircleKim Bum Kyoon (child)2017
MomKim Kang Jae2017
Rebel: Thief Who Stole The PeopleSoohak2017
Kill Me, Heal MeRi Ohn (child)2015
Mask. . .2015
School 2015: Who Are You?Gong Tae Kwang (young)2015
Six Flying DragonsLee Bang Bun (child)2015
God’s Gift – 14 Days. . .2014
MisaengGeu Rae (child)2014
Mr. BackChoi Dae Han (young)2014
The Night Watchman. . .2014
You’re All Surrounded. . .2014
Your Woman. . .2013


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