Mr. Back

Also Known As: 미스터 백 / Mister Baek
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: November 5th, 2014
to: December 25th, 2015


This drama is based on the novel “올드맨 / Old Man“ by “이조영 / Lee Jo Young”.

Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun) is a hotel owner in his 70’s, who is oblivious to everything else except himself and money. He suddenly turns into a young man in his 30’s and feels love for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Eun Ha Soo (Jang Nara) is a hardworking Candy type who goes from part-time job to part-time job with no prospects. She finally lands her first salaried job and meets Choi Go Bong, and through him she’ll learn to dream for the first time in her life, while Choi Go Bong will finally get to experience what love is.

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Choi Go Bong / Choi Shin Hyung

Eun Ha Soo

Choi Dae Han (young)

Yoo Nan hee

Kang Ki Chan

Choi Mi Hye

Choi Young Dal

Sung Gyung Bae

Go Bong’s doctor

Eun Byung Soo

Son Woo Young

Butler Yoon

supermarket owner
Lee Joon

Choi Dae Han
Park Ye Jin

Hong Ji Yoon
Jung Suk Won

Jung Yi Gun
Lee Mi Young

Go Jung Sook
Lee Doo Suk

Prosecutor Yang
Noh Soo Ram

Kim Yong Geon

Kim Bo Yeon

Kim Ha Kyun



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