Arucha Tosawat born on September 22, 1979, is a Thai  actor and a model. He graduated from Bangkok University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Advertising. Arucha is most known for his lead role as Mehk in Bangkok Love Story  (2007), in Fireball as Tun (2009) and in The Meat Grinder (2009). He has also played a number of TV series and sitcoms on Thai television stations itv, Channel 7 and People’s Television.


AtithaNai Tong Men2016
Plerng Pranang. . .2016
Puer Tur. . .2016
Wimarn Mekkala 2016. . .2016
Thephabutra Sud Waeha. . .2015
Hua Jai TeuanChon Thongoram2014
Lah Ruk Sut Kob FahSuthet2014
Songkram Nang Ngarm. . .2014
Maya See Muk. . .2013
Roy Lae Sanae Luang 2013Choet2013
Sua Sung Fah 2: Payak PayongThief Thap2013
Pin AnongThira2012
Reun Son RukPakorn2010
Talad Mai Kard RukAkaradej2010
Montra Haeng RukParnkom2009


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