ConfessionTeam Leader Seo2019
Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Season 2: Crime and PunishmentPublic prosecutor Park Woo Seong2019
Seventeen-Year-Old’s ConditionSeo Yeon’s father2019
Heart SurgeonsLee Dae Young2018
LifeSuh Ji Yong2018
Radio RomanceAhn Bong Sup2018
FalsifyPark Jin Woo2017
Father is StrangeDirector2017
TV Novel – My Mind’s Flower RainLee Soo Chang2016
AssemblyIm Gyu Tae2015
BloodChoi Woo Sik2015
Flower of the QueenJulian2015
TV Novel – In Still Green DaysJeong Man Soo2015
Jung Do JunLee Soong In2014
MisaengJung Hee Suk2014


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