Everybody Says KungdariJo Bok Ja2019
Bad Thief, Good ThiefHong Sin Ae2017
Enemies From the PastOh Na Ra2017
MomShim Cho Hee2017
Always SpringPark Jong Sim2016
Bird That Doesn’t CryMin Ha Kyung2015
School 2015: Who Are You?Song Hae Young2015
Sweet Home, Sweet HoneyYoon Sun Young2015
Apgujeong Midnight SunMo Narija2014
Golden CrossChoi Soo Jung2014
High School – Love OnAhn Ji Hye2014
TV Novel – Single Minded DandelionMadam Jang2014
Birth SecretJung Joo Gyum2013
Her LegendEun Hye Jung2013
Will You Love and Give It Away?Shin Soo Jung2013
God of WarGeneral Lee Hee Juk’s wife2012
The King’s DoctorJoo In Ok2012
Twelve Men in a YearMichele Jang2012


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