Lalita Sasiprapa, also known as Mew isa model, actresss, and MC. She is best known  in Thailand for her roles in lakorn (soap operas). She made a string of feature films in the late 1980s and also was the lead actress in many Thai lakorns in the late 1980s to early 2000s. Her most prominent film role was as Tum, the unlucky central character in Pen-Ek Ratanaruang’s 1999 film, Ruang Talok 69. In 2007, she was reunited with Pen-Ek, starring in Ploy, which was screened in the Director’s Fortnight at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Mew is married to a police officer of the Royal Thai Police named Narabadi Sasiprapha. They have two children, both boys, name Sasidej (Plankton) and Sakdidej (Eton) Sasiprapha.

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Tang Duen Hang RukSee2014
Kaen SanaehaThan Ying Khaekhai Rangsiya2013
Mae Yaai Tee RakTiraka2012
Soo Fun Nirundorn 2008Phatfueang2008
Weerakam Tham Puer Tur. . .2006
Kularb See Dum. . .2005
Jao Sao Glua Fon 2004. . .2004
Jao Gum Nai WaneJutiporn/Runjaun/Tao Songwad2001
Ruk Lae Patubai. . .1999
Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood LahDaniao1997
Sai See Pleung 1996Sai1996
Fai Tang SeeLisa1995
Nimit Hang RukKim1995
Prik Hee Noo Kab Moo HamPimsai1995
Prasard MuedKhun Ying Umalungsi1994
Took Ka Ta Lung Labum 1994. . .1994
Yam Mur Lom Pat Huan. . .1993
Nai Fhun 1992. . .1992
Wanida 1991Wanida Wongwibun1991
Prissana 1987Pritsana Sutthakun1987


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