Can’t Live Without You

Also Known As: 그대없인 못살아
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 110
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: May 28th, 2012
to: November 16th, 2012


“Can’t Live Without You” conveys a full of warm love’s messages and happiness that we can enjoy them in daily life through the characters’ conflict and reconciliation who are living in a big family.

Kim Min Do (Park Yoo Hwan) dreams of becoming a world famous movie director but he does not have any special career. He meets Doctor Min Ji Soo (Park Sun Young) and marries her…

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Jang In Ja

Kim Poong Ki

Seo In Hye / Park So Hyun

Kim Poong Bong

Kim Sang Do

Kim Do Hee

Kim Chi Do

Chi Do (child)

Kim Ki Chan

Hyun Tae

Hyun Seo

Hyun Kyung

Min Jae Hee

Min Ji Soo

Lee Mi Ja

Lee Yun Ja

Kang Ji Eun

Sa Ga Young
Kim Ji Young

Kang Wol Ah
Park Yoo Hwan

Kim Min Do
Lee Byung Wook

Jae Soo
Song Ji Soo

Min Mi Soo
Kim Jung Do

Teacher Jang
Lee Doo Suk

assistant director


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