Be MelodramaticHwang In Kook2019
Matrimonial ChaosJo Suk Moo (young)2018
Mr. Sunshinerighteous army kid2018
The PlayerHyun Woo2018
Your House HelperMin Ho2018
Seven Day QueenPrince Yangnyeong2017
Strong Family 2017. . .2017
Jealousy IncarnatePyo Bum2016
Lucky RomanceJe Soo Ho (young)2016
Sweet Stranger and MeHwa Yeon’s son2016
The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor ShopHan Seung Woo2016
A Daughter Just Like YouMin Sung2015
A New LeafPark Ki Cheol’s grandson2014
The King’s FacePrince Youngchang2014
Empress KiPrince Maha2013
King’s Daughter Soo Baek HyangPrince Myungnong2013


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