Wannarot Sonthichai or nickname Vill (Thai: วรรณรท สนธิไชย; April 10, 1989 — ), is a Thai film and television actor and pop singer from Exact. She is the daughter of Thailand father Pupart Sonthichai and Chinese Thailand Lucy Maria Sonthichai.

Wannarot Sonthichai attended high school at South Korea in Korea. She wanted to take Speech and Theater at the University of the Korea to better herself in acting.

Wannarot Sonthichai is someone you could call a natural performer. At age 8, she could sing an entire song complete with lyrics. Her interest in acting found expression when, at 9 years old, she would cry in front of the mirror after watching movies of Katreeya English,Myria Alexxandra Benedetti.

The young actress started appearing in stage plays while undergoing a workshop with Repertory Thailand in 2009.

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Ngao Jai 2015Maytinee2015
Leh NangfahBeauty/Lallalit2014
Sud Sai Pan 2013Kandamani/Kandawasi2013
Nam Kuen Hai Reab RukWun2012
Nang Singh Sabad ChorDoctor Wartsana2012
Sao Noi 2012Wanida2012
Karm Wayla Tharm Ha RukPerpim (younger version)2011
Kohn TeunSaman2011
Talad AromPhakaikun2011
Dok Ruk Rim TangAnusorn & Ood2010
Sakul GaDao2009
Kaew Lorm PetchNampetch2008


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